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Terms and Conditions

El Moreno Dance Company – August 2020

  • These conditions apply to all courses, workshops and events offered by El Moreno Dance Company.

  • If El Moreno Dance Company does not always require strict compliance with these terms and conditions and one or more provisions are at any time wholly, partially null, void or annulled, the other provisions will remain fully applicable. This does not mean that the provisions therefore do not apply, and El Moreno Dance Company reserves the right to demand strict compliance with the provisions of these conditions in other cases.

  • El Moreno Dance Company reserves the right, without notice, to modify, cancel, or amend these Terms & Conditions.

Registrations, payments and cancellations:

  1. Registrations are strictly personal and therefore not transferable to third parties.

  2. El Moreno Dance Company reserves the right at its discretion to exclude persons from any of our activities in the event that you are in breach of these terms and conditions, put any participants in danger or your behavior is disruptive, inappropriate, consistently negligent or is likely to bring us, our business or services into disrepute. In the event of an exclusion no fees or deposits will be re-paid and we will seek payment for any unpaid fees due.

  3. Payments must be made before the start of the first lesson of a course. This can be done through iDeal. It is not possible to pay for the classes in cash at the locations. As long as, the full course fee has not been paid, there is no right to participate in one of the activities of the dance school.

  4. El Moreno Dance Company reserves the right to cancel a course before it starts. In that case, the student's payment obligation will lapse, and the tuition fee will be refunded.

  5. El Moreno Dance Company can cancel a course if there are good reasons to do so (unexpected situations or a group of less than 8 people), any deposit will be refunded and / or other options are offered.

  6. The courses are taught by competent teachers, who perform their tasks to the best of their knowledge and ability. If there is an illness, injury or other situation that makes a teacher of El Moreno Dance Company unable to give the lesson (s) concerned, El Moreno Dance Company will arrange for replacement or postpone the lesson for a week if possible.

  7. Cancellation after the start of the courses is not possible, the course fee is non-refundable.


  1. Absence during lessons does not release the participant from payment obligation. There is no right to a refund of the tuition or the right to catch up with the lessons at another time.

  2. If a participant cannot be present during the lesson (s), he / she must notify at least 5 hours before the start of the lesson via email to:

  3. If, in exceptional cases, it is not possible to participate in the full regular course it must be indicated on a timely manner via email at: Further review and at discretion of El Moreno Dance Company . Cancelation or the absence in classes  will not be refundable since is the participant responsibility to attend the classes.


  1. El Moreno Dance Company is not liable for any loss, expense, or theft of personal belongings during or around the activities of the dance classes or events on any of its locations.

  2. Loss or damage to property of the dance school or locations where the courses or events are given, due to the actions of a student, will be recovered from the student.

  3. El Moreno Dance Company is not liable for any physical injury that is committed during the lessons provided by El Moreno Dance Company. The teacher’s coach in a responsible, well-structured, and well-founded manner, so that every effort is made to minimize the risk of personal injury.

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