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Female Dancer in Studio

Preparing for class

  1. Enjoy and have fun. Dancing is an expression of joy, never forget that!

  2. Dress comfortable. When taking part in energetic dances, with lots of movement wear something comfortable. Always make sure that you are well groomed, clean and odour-free when dancing.

  3. Long hair and jewelry. Long hair and obtrusive jewelry can get stuck or hit other dancers in the face during twists and turns, so please be mindful.

  4. Food. Don’t chew gum or bring food and drinks (a closed water bottle is okay) into the studio.

  5. Shoes. Please avoid wearing dance shoes outside the studio or wear street shoes in the studio. And check for loose screws …on your taps before you step foot on the dance floor. Ladies, if you would like to wear heels, please make sure to try them for a few spins at the store, so you can make sure that they will be comfortable.

  6. Stow away the cell phone. Please be mindful and set your phone on silence before class.

  7. Stay for the entire class. It’s always best to stay for the entire duration of the class, but if you must leave early, talk to the teacher beforehand and make your exit as quick and discreet as possible.

  8. Always arrive on time. If you can’t avoid being late, enter very quietly, but please make sure to kindly note your attendance at the reception.

  9. Leave your stuff in a dressing room or locker (unless one is not available). Put any sanctioned personal belongings at the back or sides of unused studio walls (never the front).

  10. Demonstrate good spatial awareness. This includes giving the instructor and fellow dancers in class space, but don’t crowd those in the back of the room to do so.

  11. Asking someone to dance. When asking someone to dance, always offer directly and look them in the eye. It pays to be warm, charming and welcoming. No matter how many errors occur, offer good company for your partner and make frequent eye contact. Most of all try to enjoy yourself — when it comes down to it the aim is to have fun.

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