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Upcoming Events

  • Intensive Class Salsa Cubana
    11 Dec, 13:30 – 15:00
    Utrecht, Eerste Oosterparklaan 76, 3544 AK Utrecht, Netherlands
    With great pleasure I can tell you that El Moreno Dance Company is opening a new intensive class of Salsa cubana! Want to learn one of the most rithmycal and fun dance styles? Here is your chance to join and improve your skills.

Home Customized Private Classes

-- Qué es la vida si no hay baile y sabor --

Still feel like dancing, but do not feel like dressing up or getting a babysitter?

No worries… we offer customized private classes in the safety and comfort of your home at flexible times and dates.  For more information please send us a text via our website, WhatsApp or email… and one of our team members will gladly get in contact with you as soon as it will be possible.


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Salsa Cubana 19:00 - Monday

Bachata 20:00 Monday

Salsa LA 19:00 Wednesday

Bachata 20:00 Wednesday

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